Definition of all the topics and details surrounding the event, presenting a logistical study and estimated budget:

  • Prior knowledge of the critical points
  • Preparation of plan revenue
  • Definition of the organizing committee
  • Survey of providers compatible with the needs of each event
  • Preparation of Estimated Budget Worksheet
  • Help in choosing the appropriate location for the event

Assistance in all capture, commercial presentation creation to companies and agencies, as well as publicize the event to future participants:

  • Formatting the commercial project to raise funds for the execution of the event
  • Development of strategy disclosure to potential sponsors
  • Creation of direct mail and personal approach to the companies concerned
  • Reducing the level of dependence on scarce public resources
  • An approximation of the researchers and appliers of technology companies
  • Collection of resources for further research

Exhibition area (booths)

Graphic design

Contact and logistics for commercial exhibition area:

  • Creation, quotation and execution of space for trade shows and / or academic
  • Exhibition of posters of the participants
  • Exposure of the sponsoring companies, products and services relevant to the event

Creation and production of all communication material, producing visual identity of the event:

  • Creation of logo
  • Production of communication material printed and visual
  • Creation of gifts
  • Monitoring of materials, from manufacturing to distribution



Dissemination and storage of any event through the website:

  • Construction and hosting of custom Web site for the event OR
  • Use of existing website with a custom page for the event
  • Online registration payment
  • Online abstract submission
  • Storage of entries in the bank account specified by the customer
  • Event Newsletter
  • Mailing for potential participants
  • Development of database of participants

Formulation of projects to meet all types of structures of the event, partners or suppliers throughout the event:

  • Installation of temporary halls with acoustical seal in pavilions, parking lots, patios and other
  • Audio-visual equipment and computers for all types of environments
  • Installation of internal or external tents
  • Structure of scenarios for stage
  • Decorating with plants, vessels, table decorations
  • Stage lighting and other environments

Food & Beverages


Custom menus, meeting the participants through a varied diet, balanced and appropriate to each type of event:

  • Welcome coffee
  • Coffee break
  • Pocket lunch
  • Cocktail
  • Gala dinner / confraternization dinner

Reception for guests, offering a unique service to both participants and their companions:

  • Transfers airport-hotel-event
  • Transfers to extra activities
  • Support throughout the event to change flights, seat reservation, among other services
  • Team monitors, receptionist, driver, security, translators and technicians

Tourism / Accommodation


Dealing with hotels and airlines, offering special rates to participants and accompanying persons:

  • Survey of hotels of various categories closer to venue, with its price and negotiation of fees for all participants
  • Control of reservations in the hotels
  • Issuance of airline tickets through travel agency partner
  • Package pre-event or post tour, special prices
  • Technical visits monitored

Full report with the controls all activities during the event:

  • Control of participants
  • Control of expenditure
  • Control of resources obtained

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